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Who We Are

Buisier Development is a family-owned and operated home builder based in Dallas with an expansive vision for North Texas real estate. The Buisier family descends from the longest coastline on the Mediterranean Sea, Libya, and has carried a passion for real estate for generations. The founder’s father started as a real estate entrepreneur in the early 50s, when post-war reconstruction was experiencing a renaissance. His son, the founder of Buisier Development, carried on his legacy while working on the development, design, and construction of commercial buildings in the 90s.

After the Buisier family relocated to the friendly state of Texas, they observed the clear sky, sunny weather, and brisk night winds reminiscent of the Mediterranean. Now, the Buisiers are surging their genetic passion for real estate with a focus on custom, modern, Mediterranean-style villas.

What We Build

Buisier Development is returning to its roots, and expanding the real estate market in Texas with its Modern Villas inspired by the Mediterranean lifestyle. With a focus on resort-style living, our villas are designed to be a place to relax and rejuvenate from the chaos of the outside world. Designed and constructed with the highest quality craftsmanship, no detail is overlooked in the construction of these stunning escapes. Modern Mediterranean style and lifestyle merge at Buisier Development properties.

Our Team

Mohamed Buisier

President & CEO

Saleh Buisier

Business Developer

Dino Buisier

Project Manager

Aala Buisier

Account Manager

Julio Fuenmayor

Head of Interiors

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